These are the slidesets I’ve recently used. If you would like to use these in a presentation, please contact me. Also note that (nearly) all of the graphs that I create are available in the Graphs gallery.

Date Name
10 January 2018 Independent Seed Dealers Assn, Indianapolis
09 January 2018 American Soybean Association, St. Louis, MO
13 December 2017 State Bankers Association Educators Meeting
18 November 2017 South Dakota Farm Bureau, Sioux Falls, SD
07 November 2017 Tremont-Lyman Agriculture, Monterey, CA
13 October 2017 Glasgow, MT Chamber of Commerce
17 August 2017 Ohio Bankers’ League, Columbus, OH
10 August 2017 Mid-South Agricultural Outlook, Martin, TN
28 June 2017 Wyffels Hybrids, Spencer, IA
17 May 2017 Climbing Wall Summit, Loveland, CO