I make about 40 stops on the meat and potato circuit each winter talking to farmers and others in the grains industry about markets, the economy, risk management, and farm management. The conversations are never predictable. Many times they stay close to the farming, and other times they stray far and wide. And every now and again, I think I have something concrete to offer on a topic that’s not related to economics. Today is the result of some of those conversations, and that topic is password security.

Password Managers from Matt Roberts on Vimeo.

Password security is sort of like flossing, we know its important, and we know that ignoring it will make bad things happen. At the same time, there is almost always something more pressing, and so they often get pushed aside. But when that day comes that you are sitting in the periodontist’s chair, you will wish that you had paid more attention.

Well, I’ve put together a short video to talk about password security, why it’s important, what most people (and companies!) get wrong, and what you can do, right now, to fix it.

Password Mangers:

As I said in the video, I use 1Password. When I chose a password manager a few years ago, 1Password provided a product that worked really well on both Windows and Mac computers, and I use both frequently. Since that time, LastPass has added a Mac client. I also like 1Password’s sharing functionality–I have a vault that is shared with my wife, and another that is shared with my business partners. They all show up seamlessly on my desktop and phone.


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