Things Farmers Don't Talk About: Passwords

I make about 40 stops on the meat and potato circuit each winter talking to farmers and others in the grains industry about markets, the economy, risk management, and farm management. The conversations are never predictable. Many times they stay close to the farming, and other times they stray far... [Read More]
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Trade, Trump, and Soy

Trade was one of the hottest topics in the 2016 campaigns, both primaries and in the general election. Unlike nearly every previous post-war president, President-Elect Trump appears poised to continue his campaign rhetoric on trade once in office. Row-crop agriculture is unusual in that it is both typically a small... [Read More]
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What's in a Name?

Historically, climbers and mountaineers protected themselves using ropes woven from hemp or other natural fibers. While those ropes were strong, they were very rigid. A relatively short fall could result in a broken back. Kernmantle ropes have a fundamentally different design that is just as strong but also highly dynamic,... [Read More]
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